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Car Remapping Services

Also stated as the brain of the vehicle, ECU, the engine control unit consists of a processor that has the task of gathering information from another sensor across the car and then monitor the features of the car offering customers high-quality services. An Integral part of the engine, today all vans and cars are tailored to have an ECU. It performs crucial tasks, right from noting the temperature of the engine to finding the position of the accelerator pedal, ECU is compatible with all. Delving into the technicalities of the engine, help drive significant insights pertaining to the fuel required, emission control and tracing performance.

ECU Remapping

As and when a car is being manufactured, the manufacturer has the responsibility to build a map that would direct the vehicle to run in all demographic and climatic conditions. While the developer is into coding this map, he needs to take into consideration plentitude of elements. Right from the fuel capacity, altitude necessities, temperature check, changing laws of emission to the failure to abide by the servicing terms as set by the manufacturer. While adapting to all such condition, it is imperative to cut down on the economy and power ensuring the seamless car service under all the give condition.

Alterations in the climatic conditions and other loopholes reduce the overall performance of the vehicle. And hence it is desirable to get the vehicle remapped. When a car Remapping is done, the original version of the mapped data is read and a team of experts works on it to restore or update several parameters as required to get the vehicle back in its form. Whether it’s the fuel pressure, the ignition timing, pressure or the torque setting, experts at Love-Yr Motor work to recover the lost power and add to the fuel economy enhancing the same.

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What We Offer

We are a team of trained professionals and experts that cater to the smallest requirements of our customers enticing them with optimal Car Remapping Bristol solutions. We believe in mobility and add the same to our work culture.

We have a vehicle tucked with all the needed pieces of equipment and are always on toes to serve you. Experts prefer visiting the place of the customer to offer comfort and ease of ECU Remapping Services. And as when our team enlists your request, they schedule a date and time as per your convenience to offer ECU Remapping Services. We work for all type vehicles and assure your seamless remapping experience.

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We specialize in custom fit remapping and car tuning services in Bristol. Whether you are looking for enhancing the power of your vehicle or seek better performance or boost fuel economy, we serve all. Being an ideal Car chip tuning companies Bristol, you can rely on us for top quality solutions. Also, the services offered by us are not too expensive. We provide budget specific Remapping option to our customers. Also, this does not suggest compromising on the quality.

At, Love yr Motor, we have car remaps etched for all vehicles differently and so we can serve all. No matter if you look for better performance or a higher economy of fuel, experts at Love-Yr Motor excel in all.

Engine Type

There are three major kinds of an internal combustion engine that are in the market and seek ECU Remapping


The first one is thought to be the future of all manufacturing industries as it has the extensive potential to offer to lose cost car chip tuning and does not seek any addition offering reliability, economy, and longevity. Post ECU Remapping, benefits include:

  • Leveraged horsepower
  • Leveraged torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Safer overtaking

Higher Power Better Driving Experience

Irrespective of the type, size or kind of vehicle you own, we, at Love-Yr Motor have professionals who have hands-on experience in rendering optimal solution for all.

No matter how frequently you drive or at what speed you drive, we ensure you to offer maximal power enhancement ECU Remapping Services and at a price convenient to both. True that this might sound vague, yet we practice what we preach. With an experience of more than five years, we pledge to provide services that voice satisfaction. So, if you looking for one such company that would add to your vehicle, improve its quality and at the same time is cheaper, then here you are at the right desk.

Why Us?

Of all the companies offering car remapping Bristol, choosing us would not be tough. Having years of experience, we know what it takes to offer robust ECU remapping and car chip tuning Services. Experts at Love-Yr Motor, handle each task carefully to ensure user satisfaction.

  • Timely Service
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Flexible Timing Hours
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Support & Assistance

So, if you are looking to get your vehicle remapped, feel free to reach out to us.

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FOR REMAPPING text or whatsapp 07864979205 or email us your registration, vehicle make/model and we will send you a report with the approximate gains for your vehicle

Alternatively pop into our repair centre at Unit 26, Bridge Road Industrial Estate, Hot Water Lane, Kingswood, BS15 4TA and we will be happy to help!
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