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Car Remapping, Bristol

Whether you are keen for performance, economy or a mixture of both we have the solution for you; ECU Remapping, Bristol! Tuning your engine can give you more power, while also making you fuel savings of up to 20%.  Not only does car remapping bring back the excitement of driving, but it is also a money saving investment!

All modern cars and vans that are on the road today have an Engine Control Unit (ECU), and this acts as the vehicle’s brain. It analyses information such as the engine temperature, accelerator pedal angle, oxygen content in the burnt exhaust gases as well as many more parameters. Using the information from these sensors, it can then add the right quantity of fuel, at just the right time to provide a good mix of fuel economy, performance and emission control. When a manufacturer develops a new car, they have to take into consideration all of the conditions it may be subjected to in all of the regions in which they intend to sell this model. These default settings – or maps – are not necessarily the best they could be, as manufacturers have to take into account different climates, fuel qualities, and laws when they program the vehicle’s software. Cars are made into a ‘one size fits all’ model. Our many mobile services can ensure your car is performing at its best, including;

  • Stage 1 engine and ECU remapping
  • Dpf cleaning service
  • Engine carbon cleaning
Excellent and friendly service. Nice one LOVE-YR-MOTOR! Very noticeable difference in power and fuel efficiency
Umair, Google

Great business, great benefits achieved on my vehicle for a modest price comparatively. Would recommend to anyone looking for fuel efficiency benefits and performance benefits in one.

Sam, Google

LOVE-YR-MOTOR did a fantastic job on my body work, really impressed. He also did a stage 1 remap which is way better than i thought it was going to be. All this and i didn’t have to mission to a garage, it was all done at my home which saves me times and money. He was a really nice fella too which helps the whole experience. I 100% recommenced LOVE-YR-MOTOR for their bodywork skills and remapping. BRILLIANT.

Gamma, Google

We also help deal with issues with the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in vehicles. DPFs require regular maintenance; otherwise, they can become clogged, meaning cars become to underperform.  Our DPF Cleaning Service goes above and beyond your typical DPF Cleaning Service by removing nearly all of the soot and contaminants that hinder your vehicle’s performance.

Based just off the A4174 in Kingswood, we are conveniently accessible from Bristol and surrounding areas, when we carry out the engine remapping or car tuning, whether it is for a stage 1 remap, engine carbon clean, or our dpf cleaning service, we will take a read from the cars ECU processing chip of the vehicle’s standard, compromised map. We then adjust various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition advance and throttle pedal control amongst others to release the true potential of the engine. We tune cars so they can perform at their best!

Pop into our body shop for a Free Quote on the industrial estate next door to 124 Hanham Road, Kingswood, BS15 8NP. Or you can just text or email us with your name and registration number, and we will get back to you with the current and potential bhp and torque or your vehicle, showing you how much we can improve your car’s performance!