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Car Body Repairs Bristol

Whether it is a minor scratch or the result of a major accident, scratches and dents impact the look of your car. We, at LoveYrMotor can provide a solution for all of your bodywork problems. The best option for car body repairs in Bristol, we provide our customers with a satisfaction guarantee,  by offering them top quality services at affordable prices.

  Extensive Services To Repair Your Car Body

Accidents and dings can change the appearance of your car, and can lead to it being somewhat devalued. Imagine getting a new car, parking in a carpark, and returning to find it has been dented our scratched – how frustrating! We, at LoveYrMotor, cater to all your bodywork needs, putting our expertise to work to ensure your car is fixed to showroom standard. If you are wondering which is the best shop for auto body repair near me, then you are in the right place!

We have a team of dedicated experts that work tirelessly to get your car back to its original condition, and will only return it to you when it is flawlessly finished. Additionally, we can take care of any work that is needed to be payed for by insurance, we will liaise with the insurance company or third party, ensuring a seamless car repair service. If your car is too damaged to drive, we offer a recovery service, so we can collect your car, and then return it to you fully repaired.  You have the right to choose where your car is repaired, so call us direct today!

Car Body Repair Estimate

The total cost of car body damage repair depends on the damage incurred in your car. Only after in-depth inspection and the intensity check, gives an idea on the damages, parts to be replaced and the need to repaint and refurbish your car. The price estimate is the sum total of all the above.

Additionally, the company you choose to have your car body damage repair suggest the car body repair estimate. Different companies have different pricing strategies. The methods and tools used, the experts into working all add up to the car body repair estimate.

How Do We Work?

Our Car body shop repair undertakes a comprehensive way to repair damaged cars. Whether it has been a major accident or scratch, our trained experts follow an extensive way for car body damage repair.

Step 1:

As soon as you connect with us for your car body damage repair, one of the experts would visit your place to inspect the casualties and report all the necessary things to be done in order to get your car back in shape.

Step 2: 

Once the pre-repair check has been done and the vehicle has arrived at our premises.  The reports as made by the expert above would be then forwarded to the team of estimators. Upon receiving the same, the estimators would then draft an estimate suggesting the total cost of car body repair. This estimate is then forwarded to the insurance company along with the images of damaged parts and corresponding repair prices.

Step 3:

Upon sending the estimate, the insurance company would then agree and give us the authority to perform the necessary repairs. However, all these take up nearly two days. Few companies might not agree to reimburse the payment and this might require further details to be asked and given. Few suggest a part to be paid and upon approval from your end, we could then start with the car body damage repair.

Step 4:

Once the company agrees to pay the sum as desirable and authorizes us with the permission to perform the said repairs, we schedule your car in our workshop for the designated repairs.

Step 5:

Once inside the workshop, the experts would then seek the necessary parts to be replaced and place orders to the local suppliers. These take around 2-3 days to arrive. In case, parts are to be brought directly from the manufacturer’s end, it takes a little longer to reach our workshop.

Step 6:

Here, the actual work starts. Our team experts start replacing the dismantled parts and would notify if they find hidden damage to any other part. Modern tools and technologies are employed to effectively repair your car and get back in shape.

Step 7:

Now the car is sent to the paint department to refurbish the same in its original color. It is then sent back if any additional fitting required.

Step 8:

Now as your car is totally repaired and repainted, the car is washed and leathered followed by a quality check to ensure effective repairs for your car.

Step 9:

Once all the necessary checks have been done, you are then informed to pre-run and see if your car is back in its original form. Upon review, you can then initiate the payment.

Why Us?

We are one of the best car body repair shop offering a range of services with assured quality. If you are wondering which is the best auto body repair near me, then here we are serving right at your doorstep.

With a team of skilled professionals, we offer notch quality car body repair services with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. We operate a start of art car body shop repair in Bristol inducing top technologies to revive the life of your car.

Our Services

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FOR BODY WORK simply  text or Whatsapp 07864979205  or email a close-up picture or video of the damage, as well as a picture of the damage and surrounding panels from around 6 feet away 

FOR REMAPPING text or WhatsApp 07864979205 or email us your registration, vehicle make/model and we will send you a report with the approximate gains for your vehicle

Alternatively pop into our bodyshop at Unit 2C, 124 Hanham Road, Light Industrial Estate, Kingswood, BS15 8NP and we will be happy to help!
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