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Car Body Repairs Bristol

Whether it is a minor scratch, the result of a major accident, or any level of damage in between, we, at LoveYrMotor can provide a solution for everything. As one of the best body shops providing car body repairs in Bristol, we  ensure that all our customers leave happy, by offering them top quality services at affordable prices.

We offer a 5* rated car body repair service

Accidents not only make your car look unsightly, and in some cases render them unroadworthy, they are also a very distrssing event. Here at LoveYrMotor, we are able to offer you a simple solution to all your car body repair needs, making everything less stressful for you. There is nothing worse than buying a new car, parking it in a car park, and returning to find it with a dent or scratch.  We, at Love-Yr Motor, can cater to everything from the smallest scratch to extensive accident repairs. We use our expertise to ensure that we return your car in it’s flawless showroom condition. If you are wondering which is the best place to go for car body repair near me, then you are in the right place!

We have a team of dedicated experts that work tirelessly to get your car back in shape and hand it back over to you with the repair undetectable. Additionally, we take can liase with your insurance company, to ensure the least stress for you. Dependant on the extent of the damage, we are also able to pay your excess, so the repair won’t cost you a penny! We can offer a pick up and delivery service of damaged vehicles, giving you ease of service, to get your car repaired without needing to leave your house!

Car Body Repairs – Free Estimate

The total cost of car body damage repair depends on the extent of the damage incurred. Our technicians are able to offer free estimates based on images of the damage, but occasionally need to inspect your vehicle to ensure the damage isn’t worse than can be seen as first glance. We quote based on the extent of the damage, the parts that may be needed, labour costs and the materials needed. Once all of this is considered, we are able to offer a quote for your vehicle repair.

Additionally, we are able to offer insurance estimates for people who wish to use our repair centre, but want to go thr0ugh their insurance. This is a similar process, but we liase directly with your insurance company.

How Do We Work?

All repairs that are done by LoveYrMotor go through a comprehensive process to ensure that the repair is undetectable. Whether it has been a major accident or you have a slight scratch, our trained experts follow an extensive process to ensure the best results.

Step 1:

As soon as you connect with us for your car body damage repair quote, one of our dedicated team will inspect the images and decide whether we need to see your vehicle. Once our expert is satisfied with the extent of your damage, they will provide you with a quote. This will include explaining what work needs to be undertaken, and how long it will likely take.

Step 2:

If you are happy with the quote, we will then book you into our diary. If the cost is more than you expected, you may decide to go through your insurance. At this stage, we would ask you to open a claim with them, and we would then liase with them to negotiate a fully costed quote for your repair. Once this has been agreed, we would book you into our diary.

Step 3:

We ensure that we order any parts that are needed for your repair, so they are ready for when your car is in the garage. If they need respraying, we may do this prior to your vehicle being in our garage to ensure that you spend the least amount of time possible without your car.

Step 4:

Once your car is in our repair garage, the real work can start. Here at LoveYrMotor, we use the most up to date methods and technology to esure your repair is undetectable, and to ensure you receive a seamless service.

Step 5:

Once our dedicated experts are satisfied that the repair has been carried out to the upmost standard, the car is passed onto our detailing department, who will polish the repaired panels to ensure that they are inline with the rest of your car.

Step 6:

Once the detailing team has finished polishing your car, we will give your whole car a wash to ensure that it is returned to you in a clean condition.

Step 7:

When you come to pick up your car, we will greet you and do a walk around of your car to ensure you are satisfied with the repair. Once this is completed and we are happy you are satisfied, we will take payment from you, and let youb drive away in your newly repaired car.

Step 8:

The only thing left to do is ask you to leave us a review on Google or Facebook in order to let other people know what your thought of our car body repair service!

Why Us?

We are one of the best car body repair shops in Bristol, offering a wide range of high quality services. If you are wondering wehre to take your car for the best quality repair, then you have found us! We have a 5* rated service, just check out our google page.

With a team of dedicated, skilled professionals, we offer notch quality car body repair services with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Our Services

For your free quote, feel free to contact us!


Mon-Sun: 8am – 9pm


FOR BODY WORK simply  text or Whatsapp 07864979205  or email a close-up picture or video of the damage, as well as a picture of the damage and surrounding panels from around 6 feet away 

FOR REMAPPING text or WhatsApp 07864979205 or email us your registration, vehicle make/model and we will send you a report with the approximate gains for your vehicle

Alternatively pop into our repair centre at Unit 26, Bridge Road Industrial Estate, Hot Water Lane, Kingswood, BS15 4TA and we will be happy to help!
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