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Whether it is a minor scratch, the result of a major impact, or any level of damage in between, here at LoveYrMotor can provide a solution for everything. As one of the best body shops providing car body repairs in Bristol, we ensure that all our customers leave happy, by offering them top quality services at affordable prices. 

LoveYrMotor were brilliant, very attentive, friendly and on it! Although as of yet we haven't been able to go through with any work yet due to issues with both my insurance company and unknown previous issues with my car. However the amount of care and back and forth between LoveYrMotor and the insurance company on my behalf has been brilliant and I will definitely be coming to them to get the car fixed as soon as I can!
5 Star service from LoveYrMotor, fantastic customer service, my car was dropped off on a Monday and ready to pick up on Wednesday.. and my car is looking at its best again.. can't recommend Ben and his team enough
LoveYrMotor were absolutely amazing from start to finish. Professional and friendly. Worked around my work schedule and my car looks like it was never hit! I was worried a new paint job would mean the newly sprayed panel would look different to the rest but it matched seamlessly! Would 100% recommend

Accidents not only make your car look unsightly, and in some cases render them unroadworthy, they are also very distressing. Here at LoveYrMotor, we are able to offer you a simple solution to all your car body repair needs, making everything less stressful for you. There is nothing worse than buying a new car, parking it in a car park, and returning to find it with a dent or scratch.  We can cater to everything from the smallest scratch to extensive accident repair work. We use our years of expertise to ensure that we return your car in a flawless showroom condition. If you are wondering where the best place to go for car body repairs are, you are in the right place!

We have a team of dedicated experts that work tirelessly to get your car back in shape, only handing it back over to you when the repair is undetectable. Additionally, we will liaise with your insurance company, ensuring the least stress for you. Dependant on the extent of the damage, we are also able to make a full or partial excess contribution, so the repair may not even cost you a penny! 

Our Process

All repairs carried out by LoveYrMotor go through a comprehensive process to ensure that the repair is undetectable. Whether there has been a major impact or you have a slight scratch, our trained experts follow an extensive process to ensure the best results and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The total cost of your car body repair damage depends on the extent of the damage incurred. Our technicians are able to offer free estimates based on images and videos of the damage, but will occasionally need to inspect your vehicle to ensure the damage isn’t worse than can be seen at first glance. We quote based on the extent of the damage, the parts that may be needed, labour costs and the materials needed. Once all of this is considered, we will be able to offer you a fixed quote for your vehicle repair.

We are also able to offer insurance estimates for people who wish to use our repair centre, but want to go through their insurance company. This is a similar process, but we will liaise directly with your insurance company.

The easiest way to get a quote is to send us a quick 10-15 second video of the damage from approx. 2 feet away, including the surrounding panels and at different angles, and again from around 6 feet away. Fill out the form below, call/text/whatsapp us on 0117 911 3161 or email us at quote@loveyrmotor.c

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