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Where few consider cars as a necessity, some Belinda it to be a luxury. No matter what your car means to you, a scratch on its metal surface does not seem acceptable. Every owner deems it as a possession and loves to flaunt it’s shiny outer finish to all. But, traffic and vehicle rush bound to strike a scratch at your much-loved car.

In such a dusty environment, sparing a scratch on your car is next to impossible. And a few moments later, you find yourself parked in a paint shop getting your car scratch repair. And while your car is being cured, you might definitely think about how much would this unnecessary expense charge your pocket.

Firstly, the cost of Car Scratch Repair largely depends upon the type of scratch followed by the method chosen to have it repaired.

1. Self Car Scratch Repair:

 In case the scratch is too small and you are in the mood of saving money, you can choose to remove the scratch all by yourself. From minute scratches, self-care is best. All you would need to pay for is a paint pen, merely $25 and sandpaper sheets. Along with it a bucket of water, soap, wax, and a towel.

All set?

Once you are ready with all the desired items, look online for a possible solution. The easiest one is to sand the area, apply paint, allow it to dry and the wax off. This process sums up to around USD 20-40 with a time span of 2 hours except waxing.

2. Professional Care:

Seeking an expert might be an option in few cases, however, if your car has hit a hard object or suffered a key damage, it is mandatory that you go for a professional that works then repair scratches on your car and perform paint touch up as required. You can either visit the dealer or opt for varied professional painter shops who perform the necessary repairs and corresponding paint. While the former would cost you high, choosing the latter option would undoubtedly be budget friendly.

No matter what you choose, a dealer or a professional shop, paint touch up needs to be approved and ordered via the dealer. The dealer would then map your vehicles VIN number to dispatch the exact color or the original paint color of your vehicle. Though the cost primarily depends upon the intensity of damage, need for a repaint is surely charge high. For instance, 2 ounces of paint would sum up to $50-$300 based on the model of car and the paint required.

To add to this, since you are engaged with a professional paint shop, you will not be charged less than $200 as the cost of repair for major damages and $150 as the cost of repair for small scratches. No wait, in case you are planning to visit a dealer, they will charge you double or more. So think before you opt for one.

In case you are looking for a professional car scratch repair shop or car paint shop, you can contact us.

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